Anup Jalota said on Hanuman Chalisa controversy instead of Ajan – both are very sweet, just don’t make noise

The controversy over playing Hanuman Chalisa and Azaan on loudspeakers is getting deeper, which has now reached many cities of the country. After the rhetoric of saints and leaders, now the film industry has also entered in it. MNS chief Raj Thackeray had given an ultimatum on loudspeaker regarding Azaan and said that it should be removed. If not removed then MNS workers will also recite Hanuman Chalisa outside the mosque. At the same time, Mahant Balakdas had also said that if it is considered right to give azaan on loudspeaker, then why can’t Hanuman Chalisa also be on loudspeaker. Now the statement of bhajan singer Anup Jalota has come on this growing controversy.

Anoop Jalota said – both are necessary, but not loud

During a program in Gorakhpur, Anoop Jalota said about Hanuman Chalisa instead of Ajan that in our place both Ajan and Hanuman Chalisa are presented through music. Both of these are melodious. Where there is music in the azaan, Kanha also taunts with the flute. Anoop Jalota further said that both Ajan and Hanuman Chalisa have importance, but he is not in favor of loud sound.
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If the hymn is played in loud voice then anyone will suffer.
He said that there should be no loud noise anywhere, whether it is a temple or a mosque or a gurudwara and a church. Anoop Jalota said that the voice should be as sweet as it sounds and no one should have any problem. Anoop Jalota again gave his example and said that he likes to sing bhajans. But if that hymn is sung in a loud voice or if the hymn is played in a loud voice, then anyone can get hurt.

Anoop Jalota praises Yogi Adityanath

Anoop Jalota also praised UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. He said that the entire picture of Gorakhpur has changed under Yogi’s rule. The name of Gorakhpur is getting everywhere. Anoop Jalota said that he has been watching Gorakhpur for 40 years. He has a close relationship with him here. But now its whole face has changed. Anoop Jalota further said that if someone from outside brings him to Gorakhpur, then this city will not recognize him.