Alia Bhatt: Alia Bhatt said this about domestic violence and atrocities on men, told alcohol as a mental problem

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt is soon going to start a new journey as a producer through the film ‘Darlings’. Alia Bhatt has also acted in the film ‘Darlings’ and has also handled the work of producer. But before the release, this film got caught by the users on social media and the users were boycotted by the users citing many reasons. People on social media said that Alia Bhatt’s darlings promote atrocities against men. Well, nowadays some film is boycotted on social media. Meanwhile, Alia Bhatt spoke openly on atrocities against men, alcohol and women in an interview given to Navbharat Times.

The film has been produced under Alia Bhatt’s production house ‘Internal Sunshine Productions’ and Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Red Chillies Entertainment’. ‘Darlings’ is releasing on 5th August 2022 on Netflix which also stars Shefali Shah and Vijay. Alia Bhatt reacted to domestic violence in an interview to Navbharat Times regarding ‘Darlings’. He told how this film talks about the evils of the society in its own special way.

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Alia Bhatt said this on domestic violence
When Navbharat Times asked Alia Bhatt how your character and the film ‘Darlings’ talk about domestic violence? Where on the one hand women are advised that women should adjust. Should I keep quiet or not laugh too much? So how do you look at this? On this question, Alia says that she tries to raise all the topics of the society according to her creative field.

Alia Bhatt said this about men

Alia Bhatt further says, through ‘Darlings’ we are not only giving a message but we are talking on both sides of the same coin. Be it women or men, it is not easy to do all this. Although most of the learning has been made by our society for women, but sometimes men also have to bear all this. Just like men are taught to keep quiet, being a man, you can bear it, don’t cry, even if it hurts.

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said this about father

Alia Bhatt said that there is a lot of ruckus in our society when it comes to expressing our feelings. Why can’t we talk openly about our problem? Like alcoholism is a mental illness. In ‘Darlings’ you saw that Hamza is an alcoholic and Badru wants to get rid of alcohol. I think alcoholism is also a mental illness. I understand it very well because my father has gone through this. He had become an alcoholic. He had to give up alcohol. He was not a bad person but sometimes wrong things happen due to drunkenness.

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