Abhay Deol got angry after a long time – the directors first insulted then spread false rumors for me

Abhay Deol will soon be seen in Lionsgate Play’s Jungle Cry. Abhay has been in the Bollywood industry for many years but most of his films have not done anything special. Recently, the actor talked about his career so far and trying to be himself in Bollywood. He has said that I have been gaslighted. A filmmaker slapped me openly and then spread false rumors about me.

Abhay got lessons from film directors
Abhay also talked about an incident that happened to him in Bollywood. He said, ‘Everything comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Where I come from, I know I’ve been gaslighted for who I am. This is what happens when you listen and do your heart. You manipulate and people take advantage of it. One of my directors publicly insulted me and then spread false rumors about me. The same thing happens in this field. You have to be prepared because it is not always good.’

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Abhay Deol’s next film quite interesting
Abhay Deol knows that he is a versatile actor. Abhay brings to you the true story of tribal children who won the Junior Rugby World Cup in the country. Abhay will next be seen in ‘Jungle Cry’, a sports drama that tells the true story of India’s Under-14 rugby team’s World Cup victory in 2007. In a conversation with Hindustan Times, Abhay talks about his film career. He explains why he considers himself a misfit in Bollywood.

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This film is a chance to rectify mistakes- Abhay Deol
Regarding his film, he says that for him, this film is also a good opportunity to rectify mistakes, because when it happened, not much was said and written. He said, ‘I think one of the most interesting things is that he won the World Cup at the same time that India won the Cricket World Cup. Of course, these are under-14 tribal kids, so obviously it wasn’t going to get a place like cricket. I think this is something that should be highlighted.