15 bullets in chest, tricolor glow in eyes, story of Subedar Yogendra Yadav on whom film is being made

The story of Kargil war hero Subedar Yogendra Yadav will soon be seen on the screen of cinema. That Yogendra Yadav, who joined the Indian Army at the age of just 16. At the age of 19, he was awarded the Param Vir Chakra, the highest honor for courage and valor. He is the youngest fighter to receive this honour. Bollywood actress turned producer Chitrangada Singh has bagged the rights to make a film on the life of Subedar Major Yogendra Singh Yadav and will soon make a film on the mighty soldier. Chitrangada Singh made her debut as a producer in the film ‘Soorma’. Though he hasn’t thought of the title of the film yet, he is very excited about it.

Chitrangda Singh said in her statement, ‘I myself am very excited about the story of real life heroes. We forget many of these heroes, while they are still with us. Subedar Yogender Singh Yadav has been one such brave soldier, who, regardless of his life, kept the honor of the country paramount.

Subedar Yogendra Singh Yadav is the hero of Tiger Hill
With this announcement of Chitrangada Singh, everyone’s interest has increased about the mighty Yogendra Singh Yadav. It is interesting that Subedar Major Yogendra Singh Yadav, a Param Vir Chakra winner in the Indian Army, retired on January 1 this year. Earlier, on the occasion of 75th Independence Day, the then President Ram Nath Kovind had honored him with the Honorary Captain. Yogendra Singh Yadav is considered the hero of Tiger Hill in the Kargil War.

Subedar Major Yogendra Singh Yadav during the farewell on retirement

The mighty Lal of the country was born in Bulandshahr
The story of the bravery of Yogendra Singh Yadav, born in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, is such that, after listening to India, even the enemies of the country will get goosebumps. Subedar Yogendra Singh Yadav was entrusted with the task of destroying three enemy bunkers to capture Tiger Hill during the Kargil War of 1999. Even after getting 15 bullets in the chest, he not only fulfilled his responsibility, but also raised the tricolor on Tiger Hill, souring the teeth of the enemies.

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When the village came at the age of 16, the letter of army recruitment
Yogendra Singh Yadav was born on 10 May 1980 in Ahir village of Secunderabad, Bulandshahr. His father Karan Singh Yadav was also in the army. He took part in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 and 1971. He was in the Kumaon regiment. Following the footsteps of his father, Yogendra Singh Yadav joined the army at the age of 16. The villagers tell that when the letter of recruitment in the army reached the village in 1996, Yogendra’s happiness knew no bounds.

kargil war

Picture taken during Kargil war (file photo)

Kargil reached to fight the war after 15 days of marriage
It is also interesting that in the year 1999, Yogendra Singh Yadav was also tied in the bond of marriage. It was only 15 days after the wedding that an order was received from the Army Headquarters to report in Kargil. Many people tried to convince Yogendra, but for him karma was first. So, after packing the goods, he went to pay the debt of the uniform. When he reached Jammu and Kashmir, it was learned that his battalion 18 Grenadier was fighting on Tololing, the highest hill in the Drass sector.

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The enemies were bluffed, then rained bullets
Yogendra reached his battalion on the hill within a few hours, but many of his battalion comrades were martyred by the bullets and bombardment of Pakistani enemies. In such a situation, Yogendra Singh Yadav started firing as soon as he reached the hill. They destroyed many bunkers. Pakistanis were attacking with grenade bombs. In such a situation, there came a time when there were very few soldiers left in Yogendra’s detachment. The plan was to stop the firing for the time being and wait for the right time. This was a trick to deceive the enemies.

The body was covered in blood, the leg bone was broken
Seeing the firing stopped from the Indian camp, the Pakistanis felt that Yogendra’s entire battalion was over. So, he slackened a bit. But this was the right time for Yogendra Singh Yadav and his associates with the dream of hoisting the tricolor in their eyes. The Pakistanis were moving sluggishly towards the Indian camp, when Yogendra Singh Yadav and his comrades attacked the enemies. Many Pakistanis were killed. An enemy soldier gave the news behind that the Indian contingent is still present there. In such a situation, many more Pakistani soldiers started moving like Indian soldiers. Yogendra Singh Yadav was also badly injured in this fight. His body was covered in blood and one leg was broken.

tiger hill

Historic moment of hoisting the tricolor on Tiger Hill

15 bullets were fired, yet the information of the enemies was given
It is said that when the enemy army reached Yogendra Singh Yadav, he pretended to die. But as soon as the Pakistani fighters slowed down, Yogendra Singh Yadav attacked them. Then whatever came in his hand, he started attacking him. But during this 15 bullets had pierced Yogendra Singh Yadav’s chest as well. During this there was a time when Indian soldiers also started to understand that Yogendra had been martyred. After a while, when the sound of Pakistani shelling subsided, Yogendra Singh Yadav slipped down the hill and came to his Indian army contingent. His condition was serious. Blood was flowing continuously from the body. But even in this condition, while going to the hospital, he gave full information about the number of Pakistani army present above, their location to the Indian contingent.

Occupation and Hospital on Tiger Hill
It has been the result of the valor of Yogendra Singh that after getting the information given by him, the Indian contingent attacked the Pakistanis with double zeal. This time the rags of Pakistani soldiers flew away. India won the Tiger Hill. The tricolor started waving once again. It took several months for Yogendra Singh Yadav, who was injured in the Kargil war, to recover. After recovering completely, Yogendra Singh Yadav once again served the country in 18 Grenadiers.

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