Who is Dr. Dinesh Das, the new member of UPSC, how educated is he, has vast experience in recruitment

Who is Dr. Dinesh Das, the new member of UPSC, how educated is he, has vast experience in recruitment

Dr. Dinesh Das on Friday took the oath of office and secrecy as a member of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). UPSC Chairman Dr. Manoj Soni administered the oath. Dr. Das holds a PhD in Forest Law and Sustainable Development from Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar and an M.Sc. in Forestry (Agroforestry and Ecology) from Gujarat Agricultural University, Navsari. He has extensive experience as the Chairman of Gujarat Public Service Commission from February 2016 to January 2022. During his tenure, the Commission processed 827 advertisements to recruit 26,116 officers, with a total of 62 lakh candidates registering.

Dr. Das was the Chairman of the Standing Committee of All India Public Service Commission from December 2020 to January 2022. Standing Committee is a committee of 9 members constituted by the Hon’ble UPSC Chairman, representing all the 29 State Public Service Commissions in the National Conference every year to coordinate with UPSC on various issues.

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Dr. Das was also the chairman of the drafting committee to prepare model syllabus and examination pattern for civil services examinations in the states. The draft presented by Shri Dinesh Das Committee was largely accepted in the 20th National Conference of Chairpersons of all State Public Service Commissions, which was held in Goa on 12th and 13th January, 2018.

UPSC member


Dr. Manoj Soni, Date of Birth – 17/02/1965
Date of assuming post- 16/05/2023
Date of Retirement -15/05/2029


Rajeev Nayan Choubey
Date of Birth – 28/01/1959
Date of joining: 01/02/2019
Date of Retirement -27/01/2024

Lieutenant General Raj Shukla (Retd)
Date of Birth – 27/03/1962
Date of assuming post-18/07/2022
Date of Retirement -26/03/2027

preeti sudan
Date of Birth – 30/04/1960
Date of assuming post- 29/11/2022
Date of Retirement -29/04/2025

Suman Sharma
Date of Birth – 30/07/1967
Date of assuming post- 25/05/2023
Date of Retirement -24/05/2029

Vidyut Bihari Swain
Date of Birth – 05/09/1963
Date of assuming post- 01/06/2023
Date of Retirement -04/09/2028

Dr. Dinesh Das
Date of Birth – 29/03/1974
Date of assuming post- 29/09/2023
Date of Retirement -28/09/2029

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