Used to study for UPSC in 15 minutes break from work, became IAS officer

Used to study for UPSC in 15 minutes break from work, became IAS officer

UPSC Success Story: Millions of Indians dream of clearing the UPSC exam and becoming an IAS officer. Every year lakhs of candidates from different parts of the country appear in the UPSC exam, but among them only a few candidates pass the UPSC exam and achieve the post of IAS officer. Today we are going to tell you about one such IAS officer, who had passed the UPSC exam in the first attempt.

We are talking about IAS officer Dr. Akshita Gupta, who was successful in clearing the UPSC exam in her very first attempt. This journey was not easy for him. Chandigarh resident Dr. Akshita Gupta’s father is the principal of Senior Secondary School, Panchkula and her mother is a maths teacher in Government Senior Secondary School. Parents are from the educational field, hence a lot of importance is given to education at home. Akshita has been very good in studies since the beginning.

Before clearing UPSC, he studied MBBS. Let us tell you, when IAS officer Akshita was preparing for UPSC exam, she used to work as a doctor in a hospital. Dr. Akshita passed the UPSC exam in her first attempt in the year 2020 and secured 69th rank.

IAS officer Akshita started preparing for UPSC exam in her third year of college. Whenever she got time during college, she used to concentrate completely on preparing for UPSC. Let us tell you, Akshita Gupta was a medical student, so she had chosen Medical Science as her optional subject in the main examination. He had revised all his medical books to prepare for the UPSC exam.

IAS officer Dr Akshita Gupta used to work 14-hour days in the hospital and study for the UPSC exam in the 15-minute breaks she got from her work.

Akshita knew that it is not easy to prepare for UPSC with work and succeed in this exam. In such a situation, she made a brilliant strategy and focused on those subjects in which she was weak.

Told in an interview, that I took all my medicine books and tore those pages in which topics related to UPSC syllabus were written. I knew that tearing books was not right, but I did all this for a good cause. I stapled all the pages that I tore and made a small book so that I could read easily.

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