UPSC Success Story: Despite failing in 12th, this person passed UPSC exam, became IPS officer

UPSC Success Story: Despite failing in 12th, this person passed UPSC exam, became IPS officer

UPSC Success Story: Everyone’s courage gets shaken after failing in class 12th, but can you believe that a person who failed in class 12th passed a tough exam like UPSC and became an IPS officer.

Yes, we are talking about IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma, on whom a film named ’12th Fail’ has also been made. Let us know about them.

Let us tell you, Manoj Kumar Sharma was not at all interested in studies earlier. The financial condition of the family was also very bad, but after some time they realized that only education can bring change in your life.

When love happened in 12th class

Manoj Kumar Sharma had fallen in love in class 12th, but due to failure in 12th, he was not able to propose the girl, he felt that the girl might not reciprocate. That’s why Manoj was scared, but after thinking a lot he proposed the girl and surprisingly the girl accepted his proposal.

While proposing to the girl, he had told her, “If you say yes, I will turn the world upside down,” meaning that he would do anything to make his girlfriend happy. His girlfriend’s name is Shraddha Joshi. After some time both of them got married. Shraddha supported Manoj a lot during UPSC preparation. Let us tell you, his wife Shraddha had also given the UPSC exam and is currently an IRS officer.

Then again preparing for class 12th

After failing in class 12th, Manoj took control of himself and started driving auto-rickshaw to earn his livelihood in Gwalior. At this time he studied well in class 12th. Manoj Kumar Sharma completed his graduation from Maharani Laxmibai Government College of Excellence, Gwalior.

Let us tell you that in his book ‘Twelfth Fail’, he has written many things about his life as an autorickshaw driver. Manoj was also under a lot of pressure to support his family. There was not even a roof on his house. It is difficult to imagine how under such circumstances a person can dream of becoming an administrative officer one day. During his preparation days, he used to sleep with beggars, in temples and walk people’s pet dogs to earn money.

The journey was not easy

It was not easy for Manoj Sharm to become an IPS officer. He started preparing for UPSC exam from Hindi medium. We all know, candidates preparing for UPSC in Hindi medium have to face more problems as compared to English medium.

used to bear the expenses of studies on their own

The financial condition of the house was not so good, so the money for books and coaching had to be added by myself. To earn some money he had to drive a tempo and sometimes sleep with beggars several times a night.

Along with this, he worked as a peon in a library in Delhi. He got a lot of benefits from working here. Here he got a chance to study. In the library he read books and personalities of many famous writers, from Maxim Gorky and Abraham Lincoln to Muktibodh. After reading all these books, Manoj Kumar Sharma understood the meaning and purpose of his life.

From here he decided to appear for UPSC exam and started preparing. Without thinking about the initial failures, Manoj made four attempts at UPSC. He faced disappointment in the first three attempts, but achieved success in the fourth attempt. In which he secured 121st rank.

Presently he is working as Additional Commissioner in Mumbai Police. Given the strong personality of Manoj Kumar Sharma, he is also known as “Singham” and “Simba”.

Let us tell you, Manoj’s journey from failing in 12th class and struggling with financial crisis to becoming a successful IPS officer is really inspiring. It teaches people that no matter what the circumstances are, you should always have passion within you.

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