UPSC Preparation Tips: Want to clear UPSC in the first attempt? Follow these tips you will get success

Clear UPSC CSE in 1st Attempt: The Civil Services Examination of the Union Public Service Commission is considered one of the toughest examinations not only in the country but in the world. It is not easy to clear it. Candidates take the exam after years of preparation and sometimes it takes them years to clear the exam. Even then those people consider themselves lucky if the exam is passed even in the third-fourth time. Otherwise many candidates prepare for years and do not get selected. However, in some cases the opposite is equally true. There are many such candidates who have cleared this exam in the first attempt. Let us know how to prepare for this exam in the first attempt.

The sooner the start, the more the profit

if you use your If you decide in the early days of your career that you want to go in this field then it is very good. You can start preparing from 10th onwards. It is very important to have a strong base for UPSC CSE exam. For this, read NCERT books from class 9 to 12 properly. Whatever class you are in, from there till graduation Study closely, so that those topics do not consume a lot of time while preparing.

Read the syllabus carefully in the first step

There is no doubt that the UPSC syllabus is huge, but don’t panic after seeing it and first divide it into parts. Know that you have already read all this, just some part you have to read again. Note down the syllabus and divide it into points and Gather the materials. While collecting books, take advice from an expert and collect only essential books.

Limit Books

Many times candidates make this mistake that they are not able to complete any book due to studying from so many books. Candidates who have passed this exam believe that keep books limited and revise them again and again. It is better to read one book ten times than ten books once or twice. Make sure you read and revise hard.

Revise by rule

Revision and mock tests are very important in this exam. Do not forget what you read, so revise again and again. Make targets every week, every 15 days, every month and every three months and keep repeating what you read. Make a strategy and do everything according to the plan, otherwise something will definitely be missed.

Test yourself and stay motivated

Keep testing your preparation in between and prepare well by giving more time to the areas where you have the most problems. Make a group with your friends who are also preparing for this exam and keep testing your preparation. Choose newspaper, radio and every medium that informs you of the latest information. Along with studies, take care of your mental health as well and take out time for entertainment along with light exercise. Don’t take stress of studies just focus on preparation. Be with people who keep you motivated.

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