This school of India became the finalist of the World Best School, will get 2 crores in prize!

Located in a village in Pune city of Maharashtra school achieved a major milestone on Thursday when it emerged as one of the three finalists for the World Best School Prize. On winning this school prize, he will be given $2,50,000 (about Rs 2 crore). Actually, the World Best School Prize was launched in Britain. The purpose of this prize is to celebrate the participation of schools around the world in the progress of society. This school in Maharashtra has established close relations among the people.

PCMC English Medium School located in Bhopkhel, Pune has now advanced to the Public Advisory Vote Round in the 'Community Collaboration Category' of the Prize. The winner of this category will be awarded during the next World Education Week. This school is located in a remote village of Pune district. The school is run as a public private partnership between the NGO Akanksha Foundation and the local government. Most of the students studying in this school come from low income families.

What did the organizer of the event say?

UK-based digital media platform T4 Education instituted the school award earlier this year. T4 Education said that PCMC English Medium School, Bopkhel collaborates with local doctors, shopkeepers and religious leaders to help create programs that meet the financial needs of parents.

It further said, 'The school started free medical checkup program for the people and started classes in master chef style to educate the village families about healthy and balanced diet. An initiative to eat one fruit everyday has been started among the students, which keeps them on track to eat healthy. Students have to make a meal plan every week. Parents have now started following this plan and its impact is visible on their lives.

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