That special thing is in the dictator’s country, which nowhere in the world, America also failed!

There is such a country in Asia, where even today the dictatorship remains intact. Actually, we are talking about North Korea. Kim Jong Un is the dictator of this country. Every time elections are held here, but Kim Jong Un As only one leader occupies power. Due to the dictatorship in North Korea, there are always reports of people being persecuted from here. There is also news about the poverty and unemployment spread in the country. But even after all these challenges, there is one area in which North Korea appears to be standing at the forefront of the world.

Actually, we are talking about the field of education. Formal education in North Korea started long ago. In 1882, King Kojong considered education as a major pillar in North Korea. In this way the door of education was opened for all the boys and girls. At the same time, at present, the education system of North Korea is completely under the control of the government. All citizens of the country have to study for 11 years. The education system in North Korea is based on socialist ideals. Children are taught Korean language, Maths, Literature.

What is the literacy rate in North Korea?

The most important thing about North Korea is that education up to primary and secondary school is completely free here. Here the education of children starts from Kindergarten. Here they have to study for a year. After this, they go to primary school at the age of six to nine years. After completing primary education, their next destination is secondary school, where they study till the age of 10 to 16 years. The point to be noted here is that in secondary school, children are given the opportunity to study according to their specialty.

The result of all this is that North Korea is considered the most literate country in the world. According to UNESCO, the literacy rate in North Korea ranges from 98 to 100 percent. However, these numbers have been given by North Korea itself. Because of this many people doubt this figure of literacy rate. The reason for this is also clear, because it is very difficult for any kind of information to come out from inside North Korea.

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