Such a government school built in the bastion of Naxalites, the convent also failed in front of it!

There is a village in Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh which was once Naxal affected. However, now the picture of this entire area has changed. Khoradih village of Rajgarh block, 60 km away from the district headquarters, is declared Naxalite affected. Naxalites once attacked the PAC camp in this village. In this attack, the Naxalites had looted the rifle. Today the face and character of that village has changed. to Khoradih village Model Village has been given status. Since then, modern education is being given to the children here.

After becoming a model village, work is going on at a brisk pace from roads to streets. Along with this, good education is also being given to the children of the village along with housing for the people, pure water to drink. Not only this, a public address system has also been installed in the village. Overall, this village, which was once considered a stronghold of Naxalites, was once untouched by development, now the Ganges of development is flowing there.

children did not go to school

Twenty years ago, people did not like to go to this area at dusk, because this area has been considered a Naxalite stronghold. There were neither roads nor people used to have employment here. Most of the people made their living by doing wages. There were schools to say, but neither anyone went to study nor did the teacher teach. Not only this, there was also the problem of drinking water. Overall, the people here did not even know what development is. But today the situation has completely changed.

The village schools have now become model. Then whether it is primary or junior school, beautiful and excellent decorations have been done in all. There is also a canteen facility for the students. Quality education is being given to the children studying here. Not only this, but digital classes also run here for the students. This is the reason why the schools here now compete with the convent schools as well.

village houses getting fixed

The roads and streets of Khoradih village have been paved. People have also started getting pure drinking water. People's houses are being paved with mud and tiles. People no longer have to go out for defecation. Electricity has reached the village and people's houses are being lit by electricity. Excellent cleanliness is also being done in the village. There is also a separate garbage van for the village.

People are being informed about new schemes and health by installing projectors. The meeting hall in the village has also been made grand and beautiful. Along with this, the ponds located in the village have also been developed as picnic spots. In the absence of electricity, the village is being illuminated with solar lights.

There is no longer the threat of Naxalites in the village

Village head Mahesh Prasad told that the population of our village is around 6300. He said that our village has completely changed now. Now people come to our village fearlessly. Mahesh says that after the PAC camp loot incident in 2001, our village came into limelight. He said that now there is no danger of Naxalites in our area.

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DPRO Arvind Kumar says that this village is being developed as a model village. Funds have also been released and the work is also going on fast. Overall, now the Ganges of development is flowing in this village.

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