Success Story: Family support and determination made JEE-Advanced topper, learn success story from Mridul Agarwal

Mridul Agarwal JEE: Mridul Agarwal has secured All India Rank-1 by securing 348 marks in JEE-Advanced, one of the toughest examinations in the country. Mridul, who achieved this position by studying in Kota, which is called the coaching city of the country, wants to make a career through startup. Mridul Aggarwal says that he likes to study systematically. With this, 6 to 8 hours of self study is done daily. This is the reason why Mridul has scored 100 percentile in JEE-Main apart from JEE-Advanced.

Mridul aims to contribute to Tech Development
Elaborating on his future plan after completing his education, Mridul said that his long term goal is to contribute to the country’s tech development. On the other hand, on the preparation of the students, Mridul says that the students should keep the motivation high while doing their preparation. Do not force study any subject. Read carefully about the subject in which you are interested.

Mother’s big role in Mridul’s success
Mridul says that the biggest role behind his success is that of his mother. According to Mridul, whenever he felt disheartened during the preparation of the exam, he used to go and sit near his mother. This strengthened his mood and he used to start his studies again. Also, his mother used to fix the entire schedule of the house according to his studies. Cooking, feeding, attending family functions, everything was decided on the basis of Mridul’s study schedule.
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Mridul is happy after becoming a topper
Mridul is very happy to top this exam. Mridul says that he is feeling very good now. He is very proud of himself, due to which he has a lot of satisfaction. Mridul said that before now seeing the toppers, I used to think that how these people are able to achieve such a good rank, but today I am very happy to reach this position myself.

Know Mridul’s exam preparation strategy
Describing his exam preparation strategy, Mridul said, ‘I never studied on the basis of time table. After waking up in the morning, you used to make a target for the whole day. In the morning, I used to think what is the target of studies today and I used to sleep only after completing that target. If the intended target was completed ahead of time, Mridul would also use the rest of the time to spend time with his family, entertainment etc. Mridul said, ‘I had given a talent test in class eight. At that time, he got a scholarship after passing this test. After this scholarship, the guidance of teachers inspired me to appear in other examinations in future.
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Complete preparation from home at the time of Corona
Mridul says that at the time of corona and lockdown, he did his complete studies by staying at home. Initially when the lockdown was imposed, it was not clear how long the lockdown would last. However, even during this time, Mridul continued to take online classes from home. Mridul said that earlier it was not so easy to take online classes, but then gradually got used to being in front of the screen for more time.

Mridul is fond of traveling
Mridul says that he shares almost everything with his father. Whenever Mridul used to get tired or his mood was weak during his studies, his father used to come in front of him on such occasions. Mridul told that in such a situation his father used to talk to him or take him out somewhere for a short interval. Mridul is fond of table tennis. Apart from this, Mridul loves to travel and see new places.


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