Sportspersons will get 8000 every month, Punjab government brought Balbir Singh Scholarship Scheme

The Punjab government has come up with a scholarship scheme for sportspersons. Now players in the state will be given scholarships of 6000 and 8000 rupees every month. For this, the Punjab Sports Department has started the ‘Olympian Balbir Singh Senior Stipend Scheme’ i.e. Scholarship Scheme on Tuesday, 13 September 2022. Punjab Sports Minister Gurmeet Singh Meet Hair made this announcement during a press conference in Chandigarh. Know who can take advantage of this Sports Scholarship, how?

Punjab Sports Minister Gurmeet Singh Meet Hare said that Punjab is the first state in the country to start this scholarship scheme in the name of Indian hockey great Balbir Singh Sr. For this scheme, the Sports Department has kept a budget of Rs 12.50 crore annually.

Who will get the Balbir Singh Scholarship?

Meet Hair told that whether the player has won gold, silver or bronze medal, he will be entitled to this scholarship. Under which Punjab players who win medals in Senior Nationals every year will be given a stipend of Rs 8000 per month for one year and Rs 6000 per month for one year to players who win medals in Junior Nationals.

Insurance, Jobs and Recruitment of New Trainers

The Punjab Sports Minister further said that 'health insurance is also being started for the players. Sporting goods and new trainers are also being recruited. The diet amount for day scholar players has been increased from Rs 100 to Rs 125 and for hostel players from Rs 200 to Rs 225.

A new sports policy is also being brought along with the opinion of sports experts, whose aim is to identify the talents of the players and prepare them for competitions. Providing diet, coaching, sporting goods, jobs and cash prizes will be an important part of the policy for the players. The state government aims to achieve achievements by participating as much as possible for the Paris Olympic Games in 2024 and LA Olympics in 2028.

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