Sometimes ‘obscene’ comments, sometimes whistling students, troubled teachers forced to leave the job

There was a time when students used to intimidate teachers. However, now times have changed. Now the teachers have to fear from the students. You must be wondering why we are saying this. Actually, the reason behind this is the case that came up in the schools of Bangalore. In the last few weeks in Bengaluru many Teachers have left their jobs. The reason behind this is that these teachers have been misbehaved in the schools. Some teachers have even said that the children talk to them in an ‘obscene’ and ‘obscene’ manner.

According to the news of News 18, a female teacher said, 'I teach maths in a reputed private school in North Bengaluru. I have been a teacher all my life and am very happy with it. But for some time I get worried that now I have to go to school and teach in class. She said, 'I want to say clearly that not all students are like this, some are from good families who behave like this. But his nuisance has increased so much that I have decided to tender my resignation.

Another teacher who teaches English in a private school said, 'As soon as I reach the class, I hear loud whistling sounds. During this time, the wishes of good morning get buried amidst the sounds of the whistle. On the other hand, when I am explaining the chapter of a poem, the students make various comments. While doing that too, he does not feel any regret.

teacher told pain

The teacher further said, 'Dialogizing about romance and saying 'I love you' is very common. This is probably something I listen to in the most civilized way. Many times students make such comments that I cannot tell you. Sometimes students comment on my body shape, on the way I walk, on my complexion or lips and don't know on what other things.

She said, 'Once I raised my voice, he behaved in such a way that I cried. I don't want to go to class again and I immediately resigned. After this incident, now nothing is the same.

lack of discipline in children

Schools say that there was a time when teachers used to raise their voice against students. After this, the parents used to come to the school and started abusing the teachers in front of everyone. It gave a wrong message to the children that they can say whatever they want. There is now a lack of discipline among the children. At the same time, the Karnataka Association of Management Schools (KAMS) has complained to the Child Rights Commission on this matter and has asked them to provide a solution.

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