Small Packet Big Explosion! 2.5 year old child did such a miracle that a record was made

Everyone is discussing Shajit, a resident of Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh these days. In such a situation, the question arises that what has Shajit done so that everyone is talking about him. Actually, the name of Shajit, who lives in Kaushambi, Ghaziabad. India Book of Records is registered in. Shajit made a surprising display of his talent and recognized all the bones present in the human body in just 3 minutes and 17 seconds. Not only recognized but even told their names. The thing to note here is that Shajit has done this feat at the age of just two and a half years.

In view of this achievement of Shajit, his name has been recorded in the India Book of Records. Actually, it happened that one day this talent of Shajit was captured by his mother in her camera. After this she went to the website of India Book of Records in the first week of August. Here he uploaded the video of Shajit telling the names of the bones on the site. Now India Book of Records has released its result. In this way, this little boy of UP has not only stunned everyone with his talent, but has also got his name registered in the record book.

Now preparations are being made to register the name in Guinness Book

The mother of this promising little boy is a dentist. She had been making Shajit practice to remind him of the names of bones since he was born. The whole family is proud of this achievement of Shajit. Shajit not only recognizes all the bones of the human body, but he is also aware of the capitals of many countries in his young age. Apart from this, he can also recite difficult Sanskrit mantras very easily.

Shajit's mother Esha Gupta while talking to a local news channel said that remembering the names of bones was not a difficult task. He told that he remembers things very fast. The family is very happy ever since Shajit's name was recorded in the India Book of Records. Isha further says that now preparations are being made to get Shajit's name registered in the prestigious Guinness Book. However, he also made it clear that little Shajit will not be pressured over the record.

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