Sisodia said in Delhi Teacher’s University, NEP 2020 is just to save from becoming a document

National Education Policy 2020 on Saturday at Kejriwal Government’s Delhi Teacher University; A conference was organized on the topic Connecting the Dots. Deputy CM of Delhi in this program Manish Sisodia attended as chief guest. In his address at a program organized by this university, Sisodia said that policies related to education have to be made successful from a 360 degree perspective. Also said that all aspects including teacher training should be included in it.

In this program, how we can make NEP 2020 effective will be discussed. What are the structural challenges at present and how the vision of NEP 2020 can be further supported through effective teacher education etc. Delhi Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia attended the conference as the chief guest.

Sisodia said on new education policy

In this program, Sisodia gave an example and said that if only making policies and laws were enough, then the no detention policy would have been one of the most successful experiments but it proved to be a big failure because the basic points of its implementation were not taken care of. Accordingly, no changes were made in the syllabus, no change in teacher training, no attention was paid to the methods of promotion of the child to the next class and the policy was implemented directly. But due to lack of preparations, this policy had to be withdrawn.

He said something similar happened with NCF where learning outcomes have been fixed but changes have not been made accordingly. For successful implementation of NEP, various educational laws made state wise need to be changed accordingly or else NEP 2020 will also remain only a good policy document.

Teachers will get better training

Teachers and their teaching can be made more effective by integrating technology and ed-tech tools in teacher education and developing a culture of recognition of teachers in the field of teaching. Teachers will be given training in this university. Anurag Behar, CEO of Azim Premji Foundation, Vice-Chancellor of Azim Premji University and member of the drafting committee of National Education Policy 2020, attended the conference as keynote speakers. Delhi's Principal Education Advisor Shailendra Sharma also participated in the event and DCPCR Chairperson Anurag Kundu acted as the moderator of the session. career news View here.

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