Recognition of 58 Sanskrit schools of the state stuck, order to pay teachers’ salaries

Recognition of 58 Sanskrit schools of the state stuck, order to pay teachers’ salaries

The recognition of 58 Sanskrit schools in the state is stuck. DMs of all the districts including Muzaffarpur have been ordered to investigate all these Sanskrit schools. After six years of separate investigation of Sanskrit schools in the state, the approval of 10 schools has remained intact. Teachers of these schools have received orders to pay salaries like employed teachers. The matter of payment of salaries to teachers of total 69 non-government Sanskrit schools running in the state had gone to the court. On the orders of the court, a committee was formed to investigate all these schools. Except for 10 schools, the rest of the reports have not been found correct. Joint Secretary Sanjay Kumar has given instructions regarding this.

Investigation was conducted by forming a committee at the state level:

In the light of Bihar Non-Government Sanskrit Schools (Approval and Conditions) Amendment Rules 2013, it was decided in relation to 69 schools that with effect from 1.9.2015, equivalent to the salary payable to employed teachers working in primary-middle-high schools under the state government. Salary should be provided to them from assistant grant item.

Meanwhile, the High Court, Patna has ordered an inquiry into the approval of 69 schools in the case filed. A three-member committee was constituted under the chairmanship of the Secretary of the Education Department on 15.2.2018 for investigation. Due to transfer of the Secretary, the Inquiry Committee was reconstituted on 7.12.2018 under the chairmanship of the Special Secretary of the Education Department. Again on 12.9.2022 the Inquiry Committee was reconstituted under the chairmanship of the Special Secretary. In most of the cases, the investigation report received from the District Officer did not provide recommendations with a clear intention, again a separate departmental investigation team was formed by the department. A point-wise review report was prepared by the three-member inquiry committee in the light of Rules 1976 and 1993, as per the conditions of acceptance, in the light of the report received from the school-wise district officer and the inquiry report of the departmental inquiry team. In case the conditions in the report were not fulfilled, the concerned schools were given two years’ time. Now the Joint Secretary has once again asked for the investigation report of all except 10 schools. Further action for recognition will be taken on the basis of this report only.

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