Poor student selected in NASA program, family does not have money to send son to America

Poor student selected in NASA program, family does not have money to send son to America

Jujjuvarapu Charles John, a resident of Vijayawada city in Andhra Pradesh, has been selected for the US space agency NASA’s program International Air and Space Program 2023. 60 talented students from all over the world have been selected for this prestigious program. Two students have been selected from India, one of whom is Charles John. Charles John, who belongs to a very poor family, has a great interest in the world of space since childhood and wants to become an astronaut in the future.

11th graders continue to read stories about Charles John Astronaut and his achievements. It was from here that he became interested in going into the field of space research. According to the Times of India report, John regularly reads the blogs of Astronauts. Learning from them, he participated in the NASA Program Online Competition.

But John’s family cannot afford his trip to America due to financial constraints. The family has appealed to the government for help. Father Joshua Jujjuvarpu is now a preacher. Earlier he was a daily wage laborer.

John had been asking his father for the past one year to get him a laptop so that he could continue his studies in space research. Getting the laptop helped him learn about the International Air and Space Program 2023 and appear for online tests and interviews. John said, ‘I was nervous at the time of interview for NASA program. I had just passed 10th standard, continuously focused on online research on aeronautical engineering. I have received confirmation and invitation to join the NASA program. It will be held from November 12 to November 18 at the American Space Rocket Center, Huntsville.

Attributing his success to his family, John said that his achievement was the first step towards becoming an astronaut.

John’s father Joshua is happy with his son’s success but the problem of money crunch is troubling him. He says, ‘My son worked hard to get selected in NASA. Now it is my turn to arrange the necessary funds for his trip to America. It will cost around 7 lakhs. I will seek help from the people who donated. John’s mother Vani said, ‘Her son has been working hard since class 8 to achieve this feat. we are poor. He knows our financial condition. He always focused on studies. didn’t bother us. We were sure of his success. We want him to become a big scientist one day and make India famous all over the world. We are grateful to those who supported him in this vision.

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