Panditji had said, ‘There is no line of government job in hand’, the girl passed the MPPSC exam.

Panditji had said, ‘There is no line of government job in hand’, the girl passed the MPPSC exam.

Civil Services Success Story: Civil Services examinations are one of the toughest examinations in the country and cracking it is no small feat. The success story becomes even more interesting when a candidate clears this exam despite facing difficult circumstances. Today we are going to talk about officer Savita Pradhan, who is the mother of two children.

Savita Pradhan is currently a successful officer, but her journey was not easy at all. After marriage they had to become victims of domestic violence. Let us know about them in detail.

Born in a tribal family in Mandai village of Madhya Pradesh, the financial condition of Savita’s family was not good enough to afford her education. She was good in studies right from the beginning. Because of which he got a scholarship from the school, with the help of which he continued his studies. Let us tell you, she was the first girl in her village to pass class 10th. After 10th class, he got admission in a school 7 km away. She used to go by bus to go to school. Whose one side fare was Rs 2. His mother used to do small jobs to pay the rent. Let us tell you, Savita had studied from science stream and wanted to become a doctor. When Savita was completing her education, a rich family proposed marriage to her family. She was only 16 years old then. The family members were poor, they thought that the daughter would go to a rich family and got her married. After marriage, Savita had to become a victim of domestic violence.

After marriage, Savita’s in-laws did not treat her well. There were restrictions on many things in the in-laws’ house. Which also included not being allowed to eat with everyone at the dinner table. After everyone in the house had finished eating, he was asked to have food. Many times it happened that Savita did not have food left, but she was not allowed to cook food for herself again. Many times she would take the rotis to the bathroom and eat them. He was also forbidden to laugh loudly. Her husband was not a good person who often beat her and threatened to kill her. Even after having two children, her in-laws continued to beat and harass her.

After enduring so much, Savita had once decided to end her life. Even when she was about to hang herself from the fan, her mother-in-law was watching her from the window. However, Savita’s mother-in-law did nothing to save her. Her husband tried to physically harm her son. After this he saved his son and he realized at that time that it was useless to give his life for these people who did not care about him at all.

After all this, he left his in-laws’ house. Children also came with them. After some time, she used to run a beauty salon and give tuition to children to meet the household expenses. Let us tell you, while on one hand her in-laws did not support her, on the other hand her parents encouraged her in this difficult time. Her parents and siblings were very supportive of Savita. After some time he enrolled for BA in Public Administration. Savita had topped the examination in Barkatullah University, Bhopal. After which he obtained MA degree.

During his studies, he came to know about State Civil Services (MPPSC). After gathering information related to the exam, he started preparation. After she had cleared the Prelims exam, she showed her hand to the Panditji, in which the Panditji said that this girl was not destined to get a government job. After this statement of Pandit ji, he also cleared the mains exam. After which she went to Indore to give interview for State Civil Services and she was selected. Let us tell you, at the age of 24, she was appointed as the Chief Municipal Officer. Let us tell you, Savita had cleared the MPPSC exam in the first attempt itself.

After divorce, he has remarried and is happy. Presently he is posted as Joint Director, Urban Administration for Gwalior and Chambal.

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