No room in CM Rise school for best education, class running on stairs

In Madhya Pradesh, a case of plight of CM Rise School, built on the lines of private schools, has come to the fore. For the purpose of providing the best education to the students in government schools in MP, the state government has proposed to build these schools under the CM Rise scheme. MP operated in Anand Nagar of Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh CM Rise School There are 8 children who do not have seating facility.

There is no seating facility for the children in CM Rise School, operated in Anand Nagar of Khandwa. In such a situation, students have to study by sitting between the stairs. The class runs by placing a bench in the middle of the stairs. Let us inform that with a target of opening 9500 schools in the state, 7 thousand crore rupees were specially allocated for the construction of these schools.

CM Rise School's open poll

CM Rise School is being operated in the old buildings of selected schools of the state. In these, students from KG to 10th, 12th are studying. With the aim of giving good education to the children, the CM Rise Schools started in the state are being exposed.

In the admission policy made for admission in this school, it has been said that more students should not be admitted to the school than the seating arrangement in the schools. Despite this, there are eight such children in CM Rise School operated in Anand Nagar of Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh.

poor facilities

Before the construction of the new building, the government started CM Rise School in the old school building but did not provide facilities. An example of this is CM Rise School running in Anand Nagar Government Higher Secondary School in Khandwa city. Dhanpal Choure, the principal of CM Rise School, operated in Anand Nagar, said that we have 320 students registered here.

Four faculties of Arts, Science, Maths and Bio are run in the school. When maths period is conducted. Then a separate room is needed for Bio, a separate room is needed for Maths, then the room is not available. He puts the children of Bio in the lab, and teaches eight children of Maths by putting a bench in the verandah between the stairs. This system has been going on since the beginning.

Only 7 rooms instead of 21

From time to time, officers come to inspect, who leave after seeing. There are 24 teachers of class 9th to 12th here. The school has only 7 rooms including Principal Room, Practical Lab, Staff Room and 4 Classrooms. Whereas 21 rooms are needed for this school.

9200 CM Rise Schools are to be opened in Madhya Pradesh. A total of seven CM Rise Schools have been approved in Khandwa district. The government claims that about Rs 24 crore has to be spent on every school till the construction, facilities and recruitment of teachers. In this way, about two hundred and fifty crore rupees will be spent on the seven schools of the district. career news View here.

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