No laptop needed! Learn ethical hacking for free from your phone, this is how you can earn millions sitting at home

Ethical Hacking: Nowadays such smartphones have come which do all the work done in the laptop. That is, now if you have a good smartphone in your hand, then you do not need any other device. However, today we will tell you how to learn ethical hacking through smartphone and make a career in it. We will tell you about such online certificate courses, where you can learn ethical hacking absolutely free of cost through your smartphone sitting at home. The organizations conducting this online course also give you the certificate of this course, by showing which you can get a job related to it anywhere. Best of all, you can complete this ethical hacking online course in just 3 to 6 months.

What does an ethical hacker do

Basic In language, you can call an ethical hacker an IT security professional. In which he has all the qualifications of being a hacker, but he uses these hacking skills for the security of the cyber world and not for crime. Most ethical hackers work in large companies to protect computer systems and protect their data. Along with this, they find out those cyber loopholes of companies through which hackers with criminal mindset can harm these companies. Sometimes ethical hackers also work with the central and state governments. Where they are paid handsomely.

Who can become an ethical hacker

It is not necessary that you are a graduate to become an ethical hacker. Be it or you have done B.Tech or M.Tech. If you have the passion to learn ethical hacking, then you can learn it even after 12th. However, if you have a good understanding of coding and programming before learning ethical hacking, then you can do better in this field. But our advice is that you should do this course only after graduation. Because most of the companies hire only those people who are at least graduate. During graduation, you can also learn computer languages, programming and coding.

What are the courses in ethical hacking

Ethical hacking There are many courses like this. But we tell you about some main courses. The first of these is the Certificate Course in Cyber ​​Law. The second is the CCNA certification course. The third is the Certified Ethical Hacker Course. The fourth is the Certified Information System Security Professional Course. The fifth is PG Diploma in Digital and Cyber ​​Forensics. The sixth is SSC Cyber ​​Forensic and Information Security course. If you want, you can also do advanced diploma and PG diploma courses in ethical hacking.

How to learn ethical hacking for free from mobile phone

Ethical hacking for free To learn hacking, search in Google. Go to this website and click on the Ethical Hacking For Beginners course. From here you can learn hacking in just 3 hours and get a certificate. This certificate will be recognized everywhere. The certificate course includes Database skills, Cryptography skills, Linux, IDS Firewalls & Honeypots, Network Pack in license along with many other skills. However, if you want, you can learn ethical hacking from an institute in a proper way.

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