New policy: 10 years will have to be taught in the village, if the number of children is less then the teacher will be transferred

The Madhya Pradesh government is going to tighten the transfer and performance of teachers. The MP cabinet has approved the permanent transfer policy of the education department. According to this MP government schools The teachers will be transferred on the basis of their performance. According to the new policy, if the students of the subject whose teacher is now, if they get less than 70% marks in that subject, then they will be transferred. Also, it is necessary for a teacher to give education in village schools for 10 years. These changes are going to have an impact on 4.10 lakh teachers of the state.

Under the Permanent Transfer Policy introduced by the Education Department of MP, schools in urban areas have also been added along with excellent and model schools. Under this policy, if the result is less than 60% in high and higher secondary schools in urban areas and less than 40% in other schools, the principal will be transferred to schools in rural areas.

Will have to work in villages for 10 years

Under the Permanent Transfer Policy, teachers will be transferred to village schools without teachers or with fewer teachers. Such teachers will be allowed to apply for voluntary transfer. At least 10% of the total teachers who fall under this criteria will be transferred in the first year itself. They have to stay there for at least 10 years.

they will get discount

Teachers who have 1 year or less left in their retirement will not be transferred under this policy. Also, those teachers who have 3 years left in their retirement or are suffering from some serious illness are also excluded from this. Apart from this, teachers of the disabled category have also been kept away from it. career news View here.

When will the transfer happen

Under this policy, the transfer of teachers will be done every year between March 31 and May 15. For this, you have to apply online on the portal. Also, its orders will also be issued on the portal. Let us tell you that in this, priority will be given to those who are transferred administratively and voluntary will be given transfer later.

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