NEET success story: Had to sell mother’s jewelery to clear NEET, got success again

NEET success story: Had to sell mother’s jewelery to clear NEET, got success again

Even today there are families in India where education is given to children by selling jewellery. The children of these families know how important education is for them. Today we are talking about Ritika Paul, who has achieved success in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). Let us know about them.

Ritika Paul is a resident of Delhi. She belongs to a family where the financial condition is not so good, but she never let poverty come before her dreams and always dreamed big. Ritika was very close to her grandmother. When her grandmother left this world forever, she could not recover from this grief. After some time, recovering from the grief of losing her grandmother, Ritika dreamed of becoming a cancer specialist. After which he started preparing for NEET exam.

The journey was difficult, the intentions were strong

Ritika had big dreams, but to fulfill them she had to face a lot of difficulties. Ritika’s family was not financially strong. His father worked in an embroidery factory at a low salary. With which his family survived. Ritika’s mother is a housewife.

Ritika’s parents wanted her to take coaching for NEET exam in Delhi, but they did not have enough money to pay the coaching center fees. Let us tell you, there are five people in Ritika’s family, who live in a small two-bedroom flat in Molarband area of ​​East Delhi. Ritika knew that her journey would not be easy, but the thought of not losing courage never came to her mind.

Preparation was done from borrowed books

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Ritika used to borrow books and notes from her friends to prepare for NEET. She used to do her preparation through these, but when the lockdown was imposed due to Corona virus, her studies came to a halt. While on one hand schools were closed, on the other hand we were also left unable to borrow books from friends. Which affected his studies. Her family could not afford tuition or coaching and Ritika did not have a smartphone for online classes.

When mother’s jewelry had to be sold

There is a lot of support from Ritika’s family behind her success. When there was no way out, her family thought it best to sell the jewelery to finance their daughter’s education. Ritika’s mother had saved these jewelery for her wedding, but the mother knew that her daughter’s education was more important today.

With the money she earned from selling jewellery, she bought biology books and took the help of YouTube videos and free online classes to prepare for NEET.

Let us tell you, Ritika had secured 98% marks in class 12th. With this, he had secured 3032 rank in NEET exam with 500 marks out of 720. Now Ritika can fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor.

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