NCERT’s English and Hindi books are full of mistakes

NCERT’s English and Hindi books are full of mistakes

The English book ‘Mridang’ for classes one and two published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is full of mistakes. Initially the teachers of the school ignored one or two mistakes, but later when many mistakes were noticed, they called each other and alerted them. In the first lesson of the book itself, on page number nine, ‘Open the tap or pour water’ while ‘Open the tap and pour water’ is the correct sentence.

In the first lesson itself, a picture of an eye is printed on page number seven and plural has been used in the sentence. On page number 38 of the second lesson, in the middle of the sentence, the first letter of Grandfather, Aunt and Uncle is written in capital which is wrong. Apostrophe should not be used on page number 49 of Chapter 3. In page number 107, there should be ‘The’ before ‘Most’ which is not there.

There are many mistakes in Class 2 Mridangam also. In the example on page number 40 in the Going Places lesson, the first letter is capitalized, but in all the options the first letter is written in small print. Apostrophe should not be used in the lesson Life Around Us on page 55. This text does not contain the words fluffy and lambs, but both words are written in the new text on page number 56. There is repetition of site words and new words on pages 61 and 63.

Shortcomings in Hindi book also

NCERT’s Class 1 Hindi book Sarangi also has shortcomings. Ravi Kumar’s children’s song ‘Chanda Mama Door Ke’ from the film ‘Vachan’ released in 1955 has been published in this book in the name of an NGO. Many difficult words and ligatures are included for the children of class one.

Nityanand Singh, Principal of Patanjali Rishikul, said, ‘There are some errors in the first edition of NCERT’s English book Mridang for classes one and two. Teachers have been suggested to teach correct words and sentences.

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