Messiah of poor children, this person is making school a ‘happy place’, now nominated for Padma Shri

The name of Amit Kumar Niranjan, a resident of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, has been nominated for the Padma Shri award. Now in such a situation, the question arises that what has Amit done, for which he is being awarded such a great honor of the country. Actually, Padma Shri Award Amit Kumar has been working for the betterment of education sector since last 18 years. He has inspired more than 2 lakh students to study till now and has given them career counseling. This is the reason that now he has been nominated to be honored with this honor.

Amit has provided free education to poor children. Along with this, he also used to provide study material to the students. Apart from this, Amit has also done the work of training more than 25,000 teachers. Amit, who has qualified NET in six different subjects, has been included in the World Wide Book of Records and India Book of Records. Amit wants to bring education reform in India. He is also working towards teachers training.

Amit working to make school a 'happy place'

Amit told that I am continuously working for the development of the children. This includes providing free education, organizing seminars on various subjects across the country. How students can get success without coaching, he is also working on this strategy. He told that he distributes study material free of cost to those children who are unable to buy children. He further told that he wants to make the school a 'happy place' so that more and more children come to school. For this, he is training the teachers and motivating the children. Apart from this, he also does career counseling work.

Have qualified NET in 6 subjects

Amit has achieved masters degree in 8 subjects. Along with this, he has also passed the UGC National Eligibility Test (UGC-NET) in 6 different subjects. These include commerce, economics, management, education, political science and sociology.

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