Medical college will open in Jamia, admission will be done on 150 MBBS seats through NEET

Medical college will open in Jamia, admission will be done on 150 MBBS seats through NEET

Medical College will be opened in Jamia Millia Islamia through Public Private Partnership. The land has been identified for the medical college, it will be built on five acres of land near Jasola. Admission in this medical college will be through NEET. This information was given by the Vice Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia, Prof. Najma Akhtar in a press conference held at Jamia on Thursday. He said that there will be 150 seats (MBBS Seats) in this medical college. He said that if all the qualifications are completed in time, then we can also start admission in it from next year. It may be known that in the past, Jamia Millia Islamia had received permission from the Center to open a medical college, which was announced by the Vice Chancellor of Jamia, Prof. Najma Akhtar on the occasion of the convocation ceremony.

Extension will be given to the new education policy 2020

Vice Chancellor of Jamia Prof. Najma Akhtar said that we are working under the new education policy and last year CUET was introduced in 10 subjects. This year CUET has appeared in 20 subjects.

In the coming time, we will expand it further by holding a meeting of the Vidwat Parishad with everyone’s consent. Under this, if we have to start something at the four-year undergraduate or postgraduate level, we will do it, but we will do it with everyone’s consent. Last year, there were problems among the people regarding CUET, but this time there has been a positive attitude among the people regarding it.

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Discussion for campus outside Delhi as well

Jamia Vice-Chancellor said that under the new education policy, it is being considered to open campuses outside Delhi as well. It is a long process. We have discussed this at the Dean’s level. We will also operate it on PPP mode only. Their campus may be outside the country, but these students will be affiliated with Jamia only, their enrollment will be from Jamia only.

Will be built according to future needs

Jamia Vice Chancellor said that we cannot depend on the government for everything. We will also ask the government for funds for this medical college, but will also try from our side. The attitude of the government towards Jamia is positive. He said that a health science building is being constructed which will be multi-storeyed and will have all kinds of facilities.

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