MBBS: MBBS students will now get marks on their behavior with patients, marks will be given on these 4 things

MBBS: MBBS students will now get marks on their behavior with patients, marks will be given on these 4 things

Students studying MBBS will now also get marks on their behavior with patients. This step has been taken to improve the behavior of students in Haldwani Medical College. For this, professors have been properly trained so that they can provide proper training to the students. It is the endeavor of the college management that when the students emerge as doctors, they should also become practical human beings.

Students doing MBBS have learned almost all the skills of first aid during their studies. This includes many treatments including suturing, measuring blood pressure, life saving techniques. But now only profession related skills will not suffice. To become a good doctor, students will also have to practice humility. The National Medical Council (NMC) has also issued guidelines in this regard. Basic Course in Medical Education (BCME) has also been started for medical college professors so that they can train medical students in a better way. Medical students will also have to compulsorily learn knowledge of medical ethics, how to behave with the general public and how to interact with patients. This will be told to them every year during the five years of MBBS studies and its separate marks will also be added to their exam results.

Evaluation will be done on four points

Faculty members have to keep four things in mind while evaluating students at the time of examination. It includes knowledge of theory, clinical knowledge, knowledge of psychology and negotiation skills (practical knowledge). It will be mandatory for all students to pass in all four categories.

Dr. Sadhna Awasthi, (Nodal Officer, Government Medical College, Haldwani) said, ‘National Medical Council is training the professors of medical colleges for better teaching through the Basic Course in Medical Education. In this course, medical students are also being given detailed information about better treatment of patients etc. On the basis of which medical students will also be given marks in the examination.

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