Mayonnaise recipe was asked in UPSC interview, know what was the answer of Bihar’s first female IPS officer

Mayonnaise recipe was asked in UPSC interview, know what was the answer of Bihar’s first female IPS officer

UPSC STORY: Becoming an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer in India is a tough journey. To get this post one has to clear the tough examination of UPSC. Today we are going to tell you about Manjari Jaruhar, the first woman IPS officer of Bihar and the fifth woman of the country. Let us know about his journey and how the UPSC interview was.

Manjari Jaruhar is one of the first women IPS officers from Bihar and the fifth in India. He was selected for the post of IPS officer in the year 1975. She belongs to a family from Bihar, where many members have held the posts of IAS and IPS officers.

You might be thinking that how easy it would be for a girl from a family whose members have held the posts of IAS and IPS officers to become an IPS, but it was not like that. Despite having a strong family background, his studies did not receive the support he had expected.

…when dreams start breaking after marriage

Manjari Jaruhar was just 19 years old when she was married to an Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer. The early years of her marriage were full of challenges, including lack of support for her education from her husband and in-laws. There was a time when she had to play the role of a housewife, she felt that she would continue doing this work for the rest of her life.

She grew up in an environment where she saw people succeed, so she also had a desire to pursue her educational goals. For which she took a strong step after some time of marriage and separated from her in-laws. After separation, he focused completely on his career.

While there was pressure in the society regarding her second marriage, Manjari Jaruhar had her eyes set on a different path. With an Honors degree in English from Patna Women’s College and a Post Graduate degree from Delhi University, she started preparing for her UPSC Civil Services Examination.

In the year 1974, he appeared for the UPSC examination for the first time. In which prelims and mains were cleared, but interview was not cleared. After which he gave the UPSC exam for the second time in the year 1975. This time also prelims and mains are cleared and she also appears in the interview.

Let us tell you, Manjari Jaruhar had written in her UPSC form that her hobby is cooking. After which he was asked in the UPSC interview to tell the recipe of Mayonnaise.

He told in an interview that the mayonnaise sauce available at that time was not like that of today, which is easily available in all the shops. He also took cooking classes. Therefore, in the interview, the recipe of mayonnaise sauce was told step by step. After hearing the recipe, the board members were quite impressed. After which no further questions were asked to him. After this he passed the UPSC exam. This time he got IPS post, but did not get IAS. In the year 1976, he again gave the UPSC examination. At that time neither his mains nor interview came out.

Let us tell you, Manjari had worked day and night for the exam. She successfully passed the UPSC exam and became the first woman IPS officer from Bihar and the fifth in all of India.

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