Mark Zuckerberg’s three bad habits that are causing people to quit Facebook: Expert

Harvard University Fellow Bill George named META CEO Mark Zuckerberg A big allegation has been made. George has said that you will come across five bad habits of bosses at work and Zuckerberg is one of them. He said that Zuckerberg has poor leadership abilities and he is repeatedly working to derail META with his decisions. People are leaving the company because of Zuckerberg. According to George, as long as Zuckerberg remains the CEO of Meta, the company will continue to fail.

Harvard fail and former CEO of medical technology company Medtronic, George has said that META will continue to fail. George said, 'I think Facebook will not do well as long as he is here. He (Zuckerberg) is one of the reasons why people are getting disillusioned with the company. He has really lost his way. Bill George, in his book True North: Leading Authentically in Today's Workplace, Emerging Leader Edition, describes five such habits, three of these habits, which are included in Zuckerberg's habits.

1. Rationalizing Mistakes: Not Admitting Mistakes

George has been critical of boards that focus more on charisma than character. He hires employees who put more emphasis on style than work. He says that Zuckerberg starts reasoning about mistakes. He doesn't try to learn from them by taking responsibility for those mistakes. Giving an example, George pointed out that when Meta's market value lost more than $232 billion in February, Zuckerberg attributed it to changes in Apple's privacy and challenges from platforms like TikTok.

2. Resistant to Counsel: Refusing to take advice

One of Zuckerberg's specialties is that he lives 'alone' and refuses to take the advice of others. Even if someone criticizes him or gives him feedback, he does not take it positively. The point to note here is that even if someone close to them warns them about the dangers that are coming, they ignore it. A great example of this is that when Roger Mainamy, an early Facebook investor, warned him about collecting data on Facebook and targeting people by targeting, he did not listen to them.

3. Glory Seeker: Prioritizing Profit Over Customers

According to George, there is another habit within Zuckerberg, which is causing losses for the company. He is a person who runs after glory. He gives priority to growth and profit over his customers. An example of this is in this way that in September last year, the Wall Street Journal found an investigation that Instagram, a branch of Meta, was causing mental distress among girls. However, the company denied these allegations. While more companies have started tackling such problems, the company has shied away from ethical responsibilities.

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