Learned hacking for theft, now Instagram has given a reward of 43 lakhs, why?

There are about two billion users of the social media platform Instagram worldwide. In such a situation, it is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. However, despite being such a big platform, there are many such bugs in it, which are a threat to the security of the users. These bugs are not easy to find. But Rajasthan Neeraj Sharma, a resident of the capital of Jaipur, found a similar bug in Instagram. Due to Neeraj finding the bug, the account of Instagram users was saved from being hacked. At the same time, Neeraj was also given a reward of Rs 43 lakh for this work.

Actually, 20-year-old Neeraj had discovered a bug in Instagram, due to that bug, the thumbnail could be changed in the user's account without login ID and password. However, Neeraj found this bug in time and then the security threat looming over the users was averted. At the same time, Instagram and Facebook came to know that Neeraj had detected such a big mistake in their platform, so they praised Neeraj a lot. Neeraj has told this story of finding the bug in an interview given to a private newspaper.

What was the bug that Neeraj found out?

Neeraj told that there was such a bug in Instagram, through which the thumbnail could be changed by going to any user's account. To do this work, only the media ID of the reel was needed. He said that changes like thumbnails could have been done quite easily through Media ID. It does not matter how strong the user has made his password. He told that this change could have been done in the accounts of everyone from Mark Zuckerberg to the thumbnail on this platform.

Facebook gave a reward of lakhs of rupees

At the same time, Neeraj says that since December last year, I started looking for mistakes in Instagram. Then on the morning of January 31, I came to know about the bug. He said that after testing the bug for a day, I made a report about it. Then I sent this report to Facebook. Facebook replied to me on this report three days later and I was asked to test it.

Neeraj said that within five minutes I changed the thumbnail. Soon my report was approved and then I got a mail from Facebook. In this I got information about being given $ 49,500. Although I was delayed in awarding the reward, I was given another $4500 for it. In this way a total of Rs 43 lakh was given.

Learned hacking to hack wifi

Talking about hacking, Neeraj said that during the lockdown, I watched the American series Mr Robot and I was very impressed by the hacking scene shown in it. During this time I thought of hacking my neighbors wifi. The reason behind this was to run the internet smoothly. He told that he started learning to hack WiFi online. Talked to many people about hacking and then I also got success, when I hacked my neighbor's wifi.

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