Know who is the head of all IAS officers of India, to whom do they report?

Know who is the head of all IAS officers of India, to whom do they report?

Every year lakhs of candidates appear for the UPSC exam in the hope that by passing this exam they will get the post of IAS officer. The post of IAS is considered one of the highest posts in India.

IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service. It was earlier known as Imperial Civil Service (ICS).

What are the duties of an IAS officer?

Candidates who are selected for the post of IAS are first sent to Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) for training. This academy is located in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. Here, after completion of training, IAS officers are allotted cadre. After which the IAS officer is given the responsibility of all the departments of a district.

Where he takes charge of the work related to the development of the district. At the same time, the position of an IAS is so strong that they have the powers to implement policies which are important for the development of the district.

Who is the boss of an IAS officer and to whom does he report?

The post of IAS is considered the highest. After clearing UPSC and completing training, a candidate is considered an IAS officer. First of all an IAS officer is inducted as a Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) for a probationary period. After the probationary period is over, the officer is given the post of District Magistrate (DM) in a district. Which is also called collector.

Let us tell you that an IAS officer also has to report to his senior about his work. Very few people know about his boss.

As we know that Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is a big administrative post of All India Service of the Government of India. At the same time, the posts bigger than IAS are that of Cabinet Secretary (from Central) and Chief (from State). The Chief Secretary looks after the work of all IAS officers.
The current Cabinet Secretary of India is IAS Rajiv Gauba.

How to become an IAS officer

To become an IAS officer, you have to be successful in the Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC. It is one of the toughest exams in India, although it is not impossible to pass. There are three stages in the Civil Services Examination. Which includes preliminary, main exam and interview round. Which are as follows.

Preliminary Examination- There will be two MCQ papers (General Studies, CSAT)
Main Examination – Nine theory papers (Essay, two languages, four general studies and two optional papers)
Interview Round – In this, personality test of the candidates will be taken.

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