JNU academics expressed concern over PG admission through CUET

Academics have raised doubts over the new exam pattern for admission to PG courses in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). Central University Joint Entrance Examination (CBSE) based on multiple choice questions in lieu of the decades old analytical method for admission to such courses in JNU.CUCET) questions are being raised. There is stiff competition among candidates for admission to postgraduate courses in JNU and it is feared that the multiple choice question (MCQ) based test will affect the quality of students.

Demand to change exam pattern

According to JNU Vice Chancellor Shantisree Dhulipudi Pandit, the university has been appealing to the Center to change the CUET format for admission to postgraduate courses. He said that for master's programmes, we need to test the overall understanding, opinion and critical thinking of the subject apart from knowledge. MCQs are a different pattern.

It is important to keep in mind the features of the syllabus

JNU had announced earlier this year that it would take admission in all undergraduate and postgraduate courses through CUET. JNU professor Bishnupriya Dutt said, “We also have to keep in mind the unique nature of the university and the specialty of different centers and courses. The university attracts the best talent from across the country. He said that if we have to provide equal opportunity to all the students, then CUET-PG can be an analytical test but it is not right to test the candidates of master courses on the basis of MCQ based exam.

Professor Ayesha Kidwai said that the university had its own entrance test system for admission in which students were analyzed on the basis of their writing skills and their opinion. career news Read here.

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