Jharkhand: Children of government schools will speak fluent German, new initiative of Soren government

Children studying in government schools of Jharkhand will now be taught German. In fact, in today’s time, instead of teaching their children in government schools, people get their children enrolled in private and expensive schools. there, now Jharkhand The government has started an initiative to change this attitude. The children of government schools in Jharkhand will now be taught German so that they can talk to each other in this foreign language. To teach German, three government schools under the capital Ranchi have been selected, where the German language will be taught.

Children studying in these schools will now be able to study in a foreign language. This program has also started. German language classes have started in all these three government schools. Children studying in all these three schools located in the areas under the capital are going to get a lot of benefit from learning German. Under the program of teaching German, German language is being taught to the children of Pandara High School, Tetri High School in Ranchi and GMS High School in Bariatu. After learning German, the future of the children will be stronger.

Contract signed with Max Muller Institute to teach German

In fact, the Jharkhand government has signed a contract with the Max Muller Institute of Management, Kolkata. Under this, children will be taught to speak German one day a week for three months. The urge to learn a foreign language is clearly visible in children too. The children seem very excited about the German classes. At the same time, children of GMS School located in Bariatu, Ranchi are already talking to each other in German language. In addition to greeting each other in German, children also talk to the teacher in German.

This is the intention of the government

At the same time, with the unique initiative of the state government, people's attitude will shift towards better quality education in government schools. The government believes that more and more common people will enroll their children in government schools for their children to study in government schools and children will also be able to learn German language. It is worth noting that thousands of rupees are spent in learning German language from any private institution. Apart from this, as the level of the student increases. In the same way, the fees also increase.

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