Indian students returned from Ukraine will be sent to Europe, this is how medical studies will be completed!

On Friday, the Supreme Court heard the demand for completing the course of medical students who returned from Ukraine. Indeed, Russia and Ukraine Thousands of Indian medical students studying in Ukraine returned to the country after the start of the war. Now these medical students are demanding permission to complete their courses in India. However, these medical students got a setback from the central government on Thursday itself, when the central government said in its affidavit that it would not admit students returning from Ukraine in the country.

During the hearing in the top court, the counsel for the petitioner students said that according to the Geneva Convention, these medical students are war victims. On this, the central government objected to the petitioner calling these students war victims. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said that there are two types of students who were brought back after the war started in Ukraine. Mehta said that the first category is of those students who had completed their degree. We have requested using diplomatic channels that their degree may be granted, so that they can reside in India. Second are last year students. We have made provision for their online studies.

Supreme Court advises tour of study

During the hearing, the court said that there is a need to coordinate. For this you develop a portal. The Supreme Court has advised the central government to create a portal and provide information about vacant seats in different medical universities in Europe on it, so that they can complete their studies under the Tour of Study.

On not giving admission to the students in the country, the Supreme Court told the central government that you should give options to the students. On this, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing for the Central Government, said that give me some time. At the same time, the Supreme Court has given time till Friday. The top court said that we are issuing notice on the petition. The next hearing on the future of the students who returned from Ukraine will now take place on Friday.

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