Indian students are necessary for America, this year the highest number of visas given, know why?

The US has given the highest number of visas to Indian students in the world this year. to study in America US Student Visa Among the achievers, Indian students have also left behind China, which till now used to be number 1 in this matter. Not only this. If we talk about numbers, then in the year 2022, US has issued 82 thousand US visas to Indian students. This number is the highest ever in history. In a statement issued by the US Embassy in India, it was told that the priority of the US Embassy in New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai was to grant visas to Indian students.

Indian students are necessary for America

Patricia Lasina, the most senior American diplomat in India, said that 'we have given visas to the US to 82,000 Indian students this summer only. Never before, such a large number of US Visas were given to Indian students. This shows that even today America is the number 1 country in terms of higher education for most Indian families.

He said that 'these things also highlight the important contribution of Indian students. Contributions that benefit both countries, as these students build lifelong relationships with their American partners. This helps in maintaining and improving international partnerships.

Lasina said, 'We are happy to see that so many students got visas and children could reach their respective universities on time. In the past years, there has been a lot of delay due to the Kovid 19 epidemic.

Indian students contribute the most in the world

Consular Affairs Minister Counsel Don Heflin said that 'the movement of international students is central to American diplomacy. No one else has as much contribution as Indian students in this.

Of the international students who come to America, 20 percent of them are Indian students only. Last year, a report by Open Doors had said that the number of students going from India to the US during the academic year 2020-21 was 1,67,582.

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