If students remain absent from schools and colleges for three days, their names will be struck off.

If students remain absent from schools and colleges for three days, their names will be struck off.

Names of students who remain absent without prior notice (unauthorized) for three consecutive days will be struck off from postgraduate classes and degree colleges of the state universities. The Education Department has instructed all the universities to strictly follow this. It is known that the names of children who are absent from the schools of the state since the month of September are being struck off. Universities and colleges have also been asked to take action on similar lines.

Universities have been told that if a student is absent from class for three consecutive days without valid reason, then send a notice to him and seek his reply. If the answer given by the student is not satisfactory, then strike out his/her name. Also take action to cancel his registration. Regarding this, a letter has been sent by Director of Higher Education Dr. Rekha Kumari to the Registrars of all the universities of the state.

It has also been made clear in the letter written to the registrars that if a student’s class attendance is less than 75 percent, then he should not be given the admit card for the examination. The controller of examinations of the universities, with the help of the registrars, will ensure that the attendance of the concerned student is 75 percent or more, even after this his admit card will be issued. If the attendance is less than 75 percent then the admit card will not be issued. Universities have been asked to strictly follow both the above orders.

Names of 19 lakh school children who remained absent were deleted

The names of 19 lakh children who were continuously absent from the government schools of the state have been struck off in the last one and a half month. These include more than two lakh children each of fourth and fifth class. 1.20 lakh children of the first, 1.55 lakh of the second and 1.95 lakh of the third are included. At least the names of 21 thousand students of class 10th and 15 thousand of students of class 12th have been deleted. The Education Department has directed the headmasters to give notice to the parents of children who are absent continuously for three days.

63 teachers participated in the training

Only 63.3 percent teachers participated under the teaching training of the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT). 10858 teachers from the entire state were to participate in the training, but only 6878 (63.3 percent) participated. That means 3980 teachers expressed their inability to attend the training. Most of these teachers have cited Navratri worship and fasting as the reason for not attending the training. Many teachers could not attend the training due to illness.

Let us tell you that through SCERT, teachers from primary to higher secondary across the state are being trained. It started in June. Under this, teachers are given training from Monday to Saturday. This time also the date for training was fixed from 16th to 21st October. Whereas earlier the date was fixed from 15th to 20th October. Since Durga Puja has started from 15th October.

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