IAS Interview Tricky Questions: How can a man live without sleep for eight days? Here is the answer to the question..

Tricky Interview Questions: If you want to become an IAS officer after passing the UPSC exam, then you must know that how tough the exam will be for you. will have to pass. To become an IAS officer, one has to appear in the UPSC exam. As difficult as it is to clear this exam, it is equally difficult to pass in its interview. Most of the questions asked in UPSC interview are very strange. So strange that the mind of the candidate wanders. Interviewers ask such strange questions to check the IQ of the candidate. Here are some such questions so that you can get an idea of ​​what type of questions can be asked in UPSC interview.

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​1. Question- Can you name three consecutive days Wednesday, Friday and Sunday without taking names Is?
answer- yesterday, today and tomorrow.
​​ 2. Question- A murderer was sentenced to death. He was shown three rooms. There was a fire in the first room, in the second room there were murderers and in the third room there is a tiger who is hungry for three years. Which room should the killer go to?
answer- room number three, because the tigers who had been hungry for three years would have died by now.
​3. Question- James takes Baud out of a plane without a parachute, but he survives. How?
Answer- Because the plane was on the runway at that time.
​​ 4. Question- What will be the opposite of Nag Panchami?
Answer- Nang Do Not Punch Me.
​5. Question- How can a man live without sleep for eight days?
Answer- Because, he sleeps at night.

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