Gujarat: Classes are held here on the footpath, 100 children from class 5th to 10th come to study every day, civil engineers teach for free.

Gujarat News: There are lakhs of such families across the country, whose monthly income is so low that they struggle even for two times of bread. In such a situation, for the families struggling for grain and water, children (Free Education in Gujarat) is a very difficult task to teach. Teaching children in the midst of poverty is equivalent to climbing a mountain. It should not be an exaggeration to say so. But in Gujarat, a person has emerged as an ‘angel’ for poor children. This person is working to educate poor children who are deprived of education. For this, he has opened the school on the sidewalk itself.

Actually, this person is Nikunj Trivedi, a civil engineer living in Gujarat. Nikunj can be seen teaching poor children on the footpath of Vadodara. He is praised everywhere for this work of Nikunj. Nikunj provides free education to children whose parents cannot afford the tuition fees for their children. Nikunj teaches private and government school students on the footpath in Vadodara. His aim is to spread awareness about the importance of education among people and children.

95 to 100 children come everyday to study

Talking to news agency ANI, Nikunj Trivedi said, ‘Here 95 to 100 children from KG to 10th class come to study everyday. Some of these students study in government schools and some in private schools. But their parents cannot afford the tuition fees. That’s why I teach these students for free. Nikunj told that he works to clear the basic concepts in different subjects. Apart from this, he also concentrates on the language by writing in Gujarati, English and Hindi.

Nikunj said, ‘I teach students from class 5th to 10th according to their syllabus and clear the concepts of younger students. I ask them to write in Gujarati, English and Hindi. People help me financially and I also pay school fees of 5-6 students. Nikunj also said that the students whom he used to teach earlier, are now helping him to teach others.

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