Who has more power between IAS or IPS, here are the differences between the two


  • Know how IAS-IPS is selected
  • These are the powers and responsibilities of both
  • Know who is powerful in IAS and IPS

IAS Vs IPS Which Is Best: Union Public Service Commission Exam (UPSC Exam) is considered to be the toughest exam in India. Candidates are selected as officers like IAS, IPS, IES or IFS only after clearing this exam. However, the most discussed among all these officers is about IAS and IPS. IAS and IPS complement each other and both the posts have their own dignity. Among them, one is a plain clothed officer and the other is a servant of the country in police uniform.

How is the selection of IAS-IPS done?
IAS and IPS are selected on the basis of UPSC exam results. IAS, IPS or IFS rank is given on the basis of their ranking. Top rankers get IAS post, but sometimes top rankers prefer IPS or IFS then lower rankers can also get IAS post. The ranks after this get IPS and IFS posts.

IAS and IPS training
The candidates selected in this exam are trained at the foundation at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA), Mussoorie. All are given 3 months training. Basic administrative skills are taught in this course, which is a must for every civil services officer to know. After 3 months there is a big difference in the training of IAS and IPS. After this, IPS officers are sent to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA) in Hyderabad, where they are given police training. During this IPS are taught horse riding, parade and weapon handling. At the same time, IAS complete their training in Mussoorie itself. After this, the professional training of both starts and in this information is given in every sector of administration, policing and governance.
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Responsibilities of IAS and IPS
After training, the responsibilities of IAS officers include the administration of a particular area and department. They are given executive powers to make proposals and implement government policies for the development of their respective areas as well as take important decisions. On the other hand, IPS officers have to investigate crime and maintain law and order in the area where they are posted. There is no dress code of an IAS officer and they live in formal dress. Whereas IPS officers wear uniform while on duty. IAS officers get bodyguards according to the post, while the entire police force runs with the IPS.

Powers and Responsibilities of Both
The job profile of both the services is very powerful, but an IAS is much more powerful as a District Magistrate. Whereas an IPS has the responsibility of only its department. An IS has the responsibility of all the departments of the district. He heads the police department as well as other departments as the district officer. The district officer also has the responsibility of policing the district. In the city, only the DM takes all the decisions related to curfew, section 144, etc. Law and Order. DM can also give orders like taking action on the crowd or firing. Whereas IPS cannot place such orders. Not only this, the approval of DM is also required for the transfer of police officer.
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top posts
As an IAS, the topmost post is that of the secretary. This is the highest post in India on which only an IAS officer can be posted. The top post in the state also belongs to the Chief Secretary, who is an IAS. At the same time, an IPS can become the DG of his state. An IPS officer can become the director of CBI, IB and RAW in the central government. Along with this, he can also be posted on the post of National Security Advisor.

Who is powerful in IAS and IPS
The responsibilities and powers of IAS and IPS are completely different. The IAS officers are controlled by the Department of Personnel and Training and the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions. At the same time, IPS is controlled by the Union Home Ministry. The salary of an IAS officer is relatively higher than that of an IPS officer. Along with this, there is only one IAS officer in a region whereas the number of IPS officers in a region is as per the requirement. Overall, the post of an IAS officer is superior to that of an IPS officer in terms of salary and authority.


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