To do digital marketing course from IIT Delhi, then take admission like this, you will get better career options

Courses In IIT Delhi: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, one of the country’s renowned institutes, has started a certificate program in digital marketing from this year. The program will be for 6 months and classes will be held online 2 times a week on Saturdays and Sundays. The fee for this course is Rs 50,000. Students can apply online for this course, for which candidates can download the application form from [email protected]. IIT Delhi says that by the end of the programme, participants will be able to fast-track their careers and become proficient digital marketers with an understanding of management processes in general and marketing in particular.

course syllabus
In this certificate program, the students are taught 18 modules under the program Digital Marketing, Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing, Website Planning & Development, Email Marketing, Advertising, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Marketing, Brand Value, Architecture, Identity and Equity, Social Media Full details will be given about topics like usage, digital identity and branding, SEO introduction, best practices and implementation. All lectures for this course will be online.

You can apply in this course

  1. For this course, final year students or fresh graduates who have completed 10th plus 12th and 3 years degree from a recognized institute.
  2. Beginner Professionals looking to enhance their career in Digital Marketing roles.
  3. Marketing, sales, product or brand managers interested in transitioning to digital marketing roles.
  4. Professionals, consultant business owners and so on who want to expand or expand their business through best practices of digital marketing.

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Certificate will be given on fulfilling these conditions
There are many conditions for the certificate which will be given after completing this course. Candidates will have to secure a minimum of 50% marks in both lectures and tutorials to get the certificate. Also, minimum 60 percent attendance is also required.

You can make a career here after the course

Social Media Marketing
This time is the time of social media, because now every person running smartphone and internet uses social media. So social media can be the best option for marketing any product. All companies use social media to advertise their products, if you use social media, then you must also see the advertisements of the product on social media. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. If you have a good understanding of social media, then you can take your steps towards social media marketing, and you can earn good money.

App marketing
Users like to use the application of their favorite company more. They find it quite irritating to search the website on Google. Most of the smartphone users like to use the application for shopping, money transfer, online booking, news channel, social media etc. Therefore, you can also increase your marketing by making your company’s application.
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Own Digital Marketing Business
If you do not want to work anywhere else then you can start your own digital marketing company. However, for this you have to know about all the things related to digital marketing like internet, market, project management, client management, website development and marketing etc. You can also get this experience by doing this in any digital marketing company.

Marketing on YouTube
YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. Therefore, this platform is also great for marketing. You can easily advertise your product on YouTube, because in today’s time people like to watch the most videos, so companies are resorting to YouTube to advertise their product. In which video advertisements are shown to the people on YouTube. You can also create a channel of your category and upload videos on it daily.

Search Engine Marketing
You can use search engines for marketing. Here you can easily reach your target audience with the help of blogging or website. In today’s time, many companies are spending lakhs of rupees on SEO to get their website ranked in Google. If you become an SEO Expert, then you can easily earn lakhs of rupees a month even sitting at home.


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