Career Tips: Now you can make your hobby a career option, in this way you can earn money


  • You can make a career in hobbies like cooking and painting
  • Research your career first
  • Learn here how you can turn hobby into career

Hobby As Profession: Getting a job is not easy in today’s time. This task becomes more difficult when one’s profession and hobby are different. Due to which many people are doing jobs nowadays, but they are not happy with those jobs. Doing a job to earn money and following your passion and going ahead in it are two very different things.

Even if there is little money in it. There are many such hobbies including photography, writing, music, dance, singing, cooking, painting, which you can turn into a full time career. Think about the work that you like the most and your hobby, you do it by taking time aside, if you make this hobby your profession, then how good it will be. If you also want to make your hobby a career, then you can follow the 7 tips given here.

1. Do the research first
To convert your hobby into a profession, the first thing you have to do is research. You should have complete knowledge about any hobby. You have to find out whether your hobby can make a full time career or not. What are the job and career opportunities in that and how many people are working in that field and how much experience is required.

2. Get the Right Feedback
No one can judge your work and neither can your family or friends help you with it. Before starting any work, guidance is needed from an experienced professional who should be your mentor. Always remember to get honest feedback from your mentor about your hobby before starting work.
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3. Start from the beginning
Keep this thing in your mind beforehand that when you switch a career, you may have to start from the bottom. You may be on a higher post in your job at the moment, but you have to start from the bottom in your new career. So complete your preparation in advance.

4. Use of Old Skills
There may be no similarities between your old and new career. But still we get to learn some skills from everywhere. There are many such skills, which are useful in every field. For example, if you are working in the sales department of a company and want to make a career in painting, then your marketing skills will come in handy here as well. So keep in mind that use all the skills in your new career.
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5. Be an expert in your field
Before making a career in your hobby, you should make contact with people related to that field. Enhance your knowledge and skills, build a good network. This will help you move forward. Try to make you the best in that field.

6. Monetize your work
Proof of Concept is a business term used by entrepreneurs who are looking for funding. You should also arrange funding for yourself. Because financial facility is very important for any work. If he is not there then you will not be able to move forward. So try to earn money from your work. If you want, you can teach your skills online, you can take expert lectures. Or you can set up your own workshop.

7. Change your passion in this way
When the idea of ​​making your passion a profession comes in your mind, first of all make a list of all your hobbies. Suppose you have three hobbies. You are fond of writing, you are also fond of photography and painting. Now consider one hobby each and spend a few days with it. With this, you will automatically know what work you are better at and you get more pleasure while doing that work.


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