Granddaughter remembers grandfather after reading from Oxford, eyes will be moist after knowing the story

An emotional note of an Indian-origin student, who did a Master’s degree in Comparative Social Politics from Oxford University, is becoming quite viral on the internet these days. Actually, this Indian-origin student linkedin But he has shared his inspiration i.e. the story of his grandfather with the world. The name of the student is Juhi Kore. He has told in his note how his grandfather had to face difficulties to get education and now how the student has made her grandfather’s dream come true. This sentimentally written note is becoming increasingly viral.

In her note, Juhi told that her grandfather was a resident of Maharashtra and he used to come from a small caste. He had to fight for the right to study. Juhi writes, 'In 1947, the year India was declared a free and independent country. Not every citizen was allowed to live freely and independently that year. One of these people was a young school going boy, who belonged to the lowest caste family in a rural village in Maharashtra.

She further writes, 'Even though she was of school going age, her family did not want her to go to school for two reasons. First- Even though he was 4 years old, that child had to go to the farm to work, so that his family could raise money for enough food. Second- The parents of this child were afraid of how the students and teachers would behave with him.

Not allowed to sit inside the school

The Oxford graduate describes her grandfather as a "determined child" and writes, "He made a deal with his parents to let him work in the field at 3 in the morning when everyone is sleeping and again in the morning." be allowed to go to school. However, unfortunately his grandfather's parents' second fear came true. He walked for 1.5 hours without any good shoes to go to school. But still they were not allowed to sit inside the class.

He said, “Despite being bullied by his upper caste peers, discrimination by upper caste teachers and not being allowed to sit inside the cloak, he not only passed the exam with his determination but also outclassed all his class mates. Gave.'

The building where the sweepers were there, the officers became

Juhi Kore further tells that despite all these obstacles, her grandfather learned English and then moved to Mumbai, the city of dreams. He studied law from here. Also worked as a full time sweeper in a government building. A few years later, at the age of 60, he earned his master's degree. The government building where he worked as a sweeper. He retired from the same building as a high-level government official. Juhi said that she feels proud of her grandfather, who told her the importance of education.

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