Father is blind and paralyzed, son topped BTech, got a salary package of Rs 42 lakh

Father is blind and paralyzed, son topped BTech, got a salary package of Rs 42 lakh

The story of the struggles of Ekansh Saxena, the topper of B.Tech IT in MMMUT, is heart-wrenching. It was not all that easy for Ekansh, who got the second highest package (Rs 42 lakh) in the placements for session 2022-23. With a determination to eradicate his weakest pulse (father’s blindness) he threw himself into it and the result is visible. Ekansh Saxena, a resident of Puranpur in Pilibhit district, was in high school in the year 2016-17 when his father developed glaucoma. Due to this he lost his eyesight. Despite adverse circumstances, Ekansh had secured 10 CGPA in high school. His mother was a teacher in a private school. When I got admission in MMMUT in the year 2019, I did not even have money to pay the fees. His maternal uncle deposited the fees.

Getting the scholarship brought some relief. In the second year of B.Tech, along with his studies, he started doing an online job in ‘Coding Ninjas’ for Rs 20,000 per month. Life was just getting back on track when last year his father suffered a paralysis attack on his right side. The mother left her job to take care of her son’s future and her husband. During this time, Ekansh got an internship in Expedia at Rs 60 thousand per month. Considering his efficiency and dedication towards work, Expedia itself offered him a package of Rs 42 lakh.

MTech topper Priya is preparing for IES

Civil engineering student Priya Verma, the overall topper of M.Tech, has received a total of three medals including department topper and M.Tech topper. Priya wants to join Indian Engineering Services. For this she is preparing at her home in Lucknow. His father Rajkishore Verma is an accountant in Municipal Corporation Jhansi, while mother Kirnalata Verma is a housewife. Priya told that all this has been possible only because of the support of her parents. They always inspire.

B.Tech topper Sandeep wants to become IES

Sandeep, a civil engineering student who has won six gold medals including the Chancellor’s and Vice-Chancellor’s Medals as a B.Tech overall topper, wants to become an IES officer. For this they are preparing in Delhi. Deoria Sandeep was just six years old when his father passed away in the year 2007. After that mother became the only support. Became a teacher in Army Public School. Despite handling responsibilities from home to outside, he always inspired Sandeep.

That’s why Vaishnavi Singh chose civil engineering

Vaishnavi Singh, the overall topper among B.Tech students, chose the civil engineering branch inspired by the seven wonders of the world. Vaishnavi, working as an executive engineer in L&T, Noida, said that all the 7 wonders of the world have been built by civil engineers. This fact inspired me. Vaishnavi’s father Rajesh Singh and mother Geeta Singh, residents of Divya Nagar of the city, live in the city itself. Brother Chandan is in the food and supplies department.

Whatever I am is because of my mother.

Ekansh, who came to the convocation with his mother, said that whatever I am today is because of my mother. Mother not only always inspired me but also took care of all the responsibilities of the house.

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