problem ! Many students get zero results in polytechnic semester examination

Polytechnic Semester Examination 2020 Result: With the result of polytechnic semester examination, the problems of students have also increased. If someone is zero in 50, then a student has got two numbers. Marksheets of some students remain absent even after taking the exam. Computer malfunctions or negligence of employees, but students are suffering due to this.

Troubled students of the state are making daily rounds of the Technical Education Council office in Bansmandi, complaining of a mess in the marksheet. There is no hearing. Students are not even allowed to enter the council. Hearing the complaint from outside the gate, they are being returned. Candidates are accused of doing so poorly in the theory paper that they should be given zero and two numbers.

Got a job but now there is a possibility of leaving
Pawan Kumar, a student of DJ Polytechnic Barout Bardpat, says that the job of quality analysis was a job. In the last semester’s Metrology and Measuring Instrument paper, two out of 50 have been found. While all other papers have good marks. Many times I have come and complained to the council office but no result is coming. Looks like the job will also be missed.

Zero number increased from 14 on copy recheck
Paras Kumar, a student of Shivdan Singh Institute of Technology and Management, Aligarh, said that in the third semester, there were 14 numbers in the electrical mechanics paper. After rechecking the copy, the number has now become zero. The student alleges that how can such number difference in copy recheck occur. This means that the copy was previously mis-checked, or is now mis-checked.

Absence even after giving paper
Sujit Kumar, a student of Lucknow Polytechnic, says that all papers were given in the sixth semester of electronics engineering. But when the result of the examination comes, there is absence in Applied Mathematics paper. I have visited the Council of Technical Education four to five times but no one is ready to tell anything.

Rashmi Sonkar, Joint Secretary, Council of Technical Education said, ‘Students’ complaints have been received in this regard. Students who feel that the numbers have come down even after the paper is good, they can get the scrutiny done.