Education in danger around the world, warns of UN chief, said – every country should increase spending on education

‘Education is in deep trouble. Instead of being the one to change the society, education is fast becoming a divider of it. United Nations Secretary-General Antonia Guterres said this while giving a warning. Actually, UN Chief called a special summit on education. in this conference Antonio Guterres Said that inequality in education is being seen in different parts of the world, which is rapidly dividing the world. This warning given by the United Nations chief regarding education shows that the world now needs to act fast in this direction.

Antonio Guterres warned that the Kovid-19 epidemic has had a dangerous effect on learning. Poor students have not got access to technology, which has proved to be a major disadvantage in particular. Apart from this, controversies around the world have also created hurdles in studies. With fingers rising on the global economy, Guterres appealed to all countries to prioritize increasing spending on every student. In a report earlier this month, the UN Development Program said that Kovid has pushed the development of humanity back by five years.

Ban on education of Afghan girls should be lifted immediately: UN chief

UN Chief Guterres also criticized the Taliban government in Afghanistan. Taliban, which returned to power in Afghanistan in August 2021, kept one lakh girls out of school. "I call on the Afghan authorities to immediately lift all restrictions imposed on girls to pursue secondary education," he said. Speaking at the conference, Somaya Farooqui, who was part of Afghanistan's robotics team, said that the Taliban is slowly eroding our presence in the society.

The promise of opening the school remained afloat

Somaya said, 'Thousands of girls will never be able to return to school again. Most would have been married. A promise was made to reopen the schools and then this promise was left behind. Appealing to world leaders, he said, 'You must not forget those who are left behind, who are not fortunate enough to go to school. Show solidarity with me and those millions of Afghan girls.

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