DU Open Book Exams: Many semester exams starting today, know important guidelines


  • DU 3rd, 5th and 7th semester examinations begin from today.
  • Guidelines for open book examination have been issued for all the programmes.
  • DU cautions students against unfair means.

Delhi University Third, Fifth and Seventh Semester Exams: Delhi University’s undergraduate and postgraduate third, fifth and seventh semester examinations are starting from today in open book mode. Ahead of the ‘Online Open Book Exam’ (OBE) for all undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, the University of Delhi issued guidelines. These guidelines have asked students not to use unfair means and to ensure that they have documentary proofs in case there is delay in uploading of answer sheets.

As per the guidelines, students have to submit their ‘scripts’ only on the OBE portal. The guidelines state, “All students are advised not to use any unfair means while taking the examination. They should be very careful in taking the exam, there is a system to detect cheating/use of unfair means in the exam.

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The university said that during OBE in June, over 350 students were caught using unfair means and as a result, their paper or the entire semester was cancelled.

Students will have three hours to write answers and one hour to download the question paper and upload the script and one hour for late submission. The guidelines state that the result of answer-sheets submitted by email may get delayed due to the verification process, as was the case during OBEs in December, March and June. “Reply submitted partially by email will not be accepted. Submission on both email and portal will not be accepted,” he added.

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