Don’t run after jobs, be job givers, government will help: Sisodia

Delhi Deputy CM and Education Minister continuing the school visit series Manish Sisodia visited Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Tikri Khurd on Thursday morning. Checked the progress of various academic activities going on in the school including EMC, Happiness Curriculum, Patriotic Curriculum and also discussed with the children about their studies. Talking to the students, Sisodia said that along with the job seekers, it is also necessary that the children who give jobs should also come out of our schools.

Be a job provider, not a job seeker

On this occasion, Manish Sisodia said that, 'It is necessary to inculcate the feeling in the mind of children from the school level that after completing their studies, they will become job providers and not job seekers. With its innovation, new technology based on business ideas will create jobs that do not currently exist.'

He said, 'I am happy to see that the children of our schools are dreaming of starting their own business and are eager to do some new experiments in their respective fields. The Delhi government will support this desperation of theirs. This will create new jobs of the times to come.

20% of children dream - own business

The Deputy Chief Minister said that the jobs that the youth are doing today, these jobs could not have been imagined 20-25 years ago. This was possible because 20-25 years ago, children studying in schools did not set their minds only for the jobs that existed at that time. Rather focused on discovering new things. The same responsibility lies with the children currently studying in schools.

Said that I am happy to see that whenever I go to schools, there are 10-20% children in every class dreaming of starting their own business.

During the discussion, Manish Sisodia asked the students in class 11th-12th about EMC classes and business blasters, then the children told that both the programs have given us the idea that not to run after jobs but to be job givers. At the same time, EMC has inspired us to take risks and learn something new. Along with increasing confidence, you are also able to understand about your skills.

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