Don’t just wear nice shoes…make them! These diploma courses will get you a great job in the footwear industry

Everyone is fond of wearing nice and expensive shoes. Many people are crazy about it, they have a complete collection of shoes. Some like formal shoes, while some feel comfortable wearing sports shoes. However, today we will not tell you about the fashion of shoes. Rather we will tell how you can make your career in these stylish looking shoes field.

If you are really crazy about shoes, then you should not only dream of wearing them but also dream of making them. If you are feeling that by making a career in this field, you will not be able to earn as much money as you can earn by doing MBA and B.Tech, then you are wrong. If you do better in this field, then you can earn more money than you think. All the big shoe companies around the world are sitting with open arms for you.

What is a footwear designing course

You can be successful in footwear designing course only if you already have creativity inside you. If you think things creatively in advance, then you can do better in this field. During the course, the footwear designing skills of the student are further refined. During this, he is told that on the demand of the market or according to the ongoing trend, how you can make the best design of shoes. Along with the look, you are also given training to make shoes comfortable during this course.

How to do footwear designing course

It does not matter whether you are a graduate or a post graduate to do a course in footwear designing. You can do this course even after 12th. However, most of the youth do this course after graduation or post graduation. There are many institutes in the country where UG and PG diploma or certificate courses are offered in footwear designing. If you also want to make a name for yourself in the world of footwear and want to work with big brands like Nike, adidas, Reebok then this field is best for you.

How much salary

After the footwear designing course, you work as a designer in all the big footwear companies of the country and the world. Here your job is to design the shoes according to the trends and customer demand. A shoe designer gets a monthly salary ranging from 50 thousand to 70 thousand rupees in any big company. If you are a shoe designer in a foreign company, then your salary can cross lakhs. If you want to do something out of the box, want to make your passion for shoes a profession then this is the best field for you. There is less crowd in the area and more opportunities. If you want to live life with a good and better salary, then this field is best for you.

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