Cyber ​​clubs will be opened in 1312 CBSE schools of the state, one teacher each will get training.

Cyber ​​clubs will be opened in 1312 CBSE schools of the state, one teacher each will get training.

‘Cyber ​​Clubs’ will be opened in 1312 CBSE schools across the state. In this regard, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has given instructions to all the schools. The club will be operated through the Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Centre. For this, one teacher from every school will be trained as a cyber expert through the centre. Let us tell you that every day school children are getting trapped in cyber crime or becoming victims of cyber fraud. On one hand, there is financial loss due to cyber fraud, on the other hand, mental stress is also increasing among school children. Most school children are not aware of the precautions to be taken while using the internet. Considering all these things, CBSE has decided to open cyber clubs in schools.

Class-wise information will be given to avoid cyber fraud through the club. First, one teacher from each school will be trained as a cyber expert. Later, these teachers will work as nodal cyber experts.

On the other hand, all the students of the school will be registered in the club. After this, cyber security classes will be conducted one or two days a week, class wise. During this, students will be given information to avoid cyber crime and stay safe. Information will be given about what things to keep in mind while using the internet. CBSE has given one month’s time to all the schools. Meanwhile, all schools have to open cyber clubs. Apart from teachers, students of senior classes will work as members in this.

CBSE City Coordinator Glenda Galston said that it is very important to provide information about cyber security to children in schools. Children are becoming its victims every day. This also causes mental stress in children. Because many times they do not share things with parents or teachers out of fear.

Such awareness programs will be organized:

1. Drama for cyber awareness and prevention of fraud.
2. There will be programs like Cyber ​​Quiz and Cyber ​​Olympiad.
3. Letter writing etc. will be organized in schools on cyber security.
4. Cyber ​​tips will be given in classes through teachers.
5. Awareness program in the school by the club members.
6. Information about what to do and what not to do will be given.
7. Cyber ​​experts will be called and lectures and workshops will be conducted on different days.

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