Cleared UPSC in first attempt, applied these things to myself to avoid distraction

Cleared UPSC in first attempt, applied these things to myself to avoid distraction

UPSC Success story: Cracking the UPSC exam in the first attempt is a challenging feat. We all know that it is not easy to pass the UPSC exam, but Muskaan Jindal, a resident of Himachal Pradesh, cracked the 2019 UPSC exam and secured 87th rank. Let us know about them.

Muskaan’s education background was very strong from the beginning. She wanted to become a civil servant since childhood. He took his studies very seriously from a young age. She was counted among the promising students in school and college.

He had secured 96% marks in class 12th. Subsequently, he obtained a B.Com (Hons.) degree from SD College, Chandigarh, Panjab University. He had secured 5th rank in the final year of graduation.

She knew, UPSC requires hard work. In such a situation, he continued preparing for UPSC from school itself. She used to read newspapers daily to update herself with the news of the country and the world.

Used phone even during preparation

During her preparation, Muskaan kept using her phone and checking social media. He did not completely distance himself from social media and phones. He said, there is nothing wrong in using them during exam preparation, we just need to have self-control so that we do not get distracted.

Muskaan’s UPSC preparation strategy included continuous reading. He stressed the importance of continuously remaining dedicated to studies.

During an interview, Muskaan said UPSC aspirants should take guidance from various institutes both online and offline. At the same time, attention should be given to self study and about 7 to 8 hours should be taken out every day for UPSC.

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